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Water Level Meter - Model 101

The Solinst 101 Water Level Meter with P7 Probe features an extremely durable, laser marked PVDF flat tape, with an enhanced dog bone design that is thicker, reducing adherence to the side of well casing.

Water Level DrawDown Meter - Model 101D

the New 101D Water Level Draw Down Meter, which has all of the same features as our Model 101P7 Water Level Meter, with the added benefit of the new Drawdown Mode, all in one unit. When in DrawDown mode the probe signals in air instead of water.

Water Level Meter - Model 101B

Solinst 101B Water Level Meters feature a basic design, making them a very economical option for depth to water level measurements. The 101B uses polyethylene flat tape, heat embossed in centimeter increments.

Laser Marked Coaxial Water Level Meter - Model 102

The Laser Marked Model 102 Water Level Indicator is designed to accurately measure groundwater levels in small diameter applications. The 102M Mini Water Level Indicator is available (lengths of 80 ft or 25 m).

Mini Laser Marked Water Level Meter - Model 102M

The laser marked coaxial cable is mounted on a convenient small reel that is light-weight and fits easily into a mini carrying case or backpack. The accurate cable is marked each 1/100 ft. or each millimeter.

Interface Meter - Model 122

Solinst Model 122 Interface Meters are easy-to-use and give reliable, accurate measurements. A steady tone and light indicate LNAPL or DNAPL. Intermittent signals indicate water. Solinst laser marked PVDF flat-tape is available in lengths up to 1000 ft or 300 m.

Mini Interface Meter - Model 122M

Solinst Mini Oil/Water Interface Meters give clear and accurate measurements of product level and thickness in wells and tanks. Determination of both light (floating) non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL) and dense (sinking) non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) is quick and easy.

Water Level Temperature Meter - Model 201

Water level measurement accuracy Solinst is known for, with the addition of convenient temperature profiling. The WLT Meter is an excellent tool for geothermal drillers, hydrogeologists, hydrologists, aquatic biologists, ecologists and chemists, and environmental scientists.

TLC Meter - Model 107

The Model 107 TLC Meter is ideal for profiling conductivity and temperature in wells and open water, for salt-water intrusion studies, and a general indication of contamination levels.The 3/4" (19 mm) diameter probe is attached to Solinst PVDF flat tape; accurately laser marked every 1/100 ft or each millimeter. Lengths up to 1000 ft or 300 m, mounted on a Solinst reel.

Tag Line - Model 103

The Solinst Model 103 Tag Line uses a weight attached to a laser marked cable, which is mounted on a sturdy free-standing reel. The 1/16" (1.6 mm) stranded stainless steel wire line is primarily used during the installation of monitoring wells to measure depth to the bottom of a well.

Levelogger® Edge - Model 3001

The Levelogger Edge is a self contained water level datalogger, using infra-red data transfer powered by a 10 year lithium battery, offering the flexibility of installing by use of a Direct Read Cable, wireline or Kevlar cord.

Barologger Edge - Model 3001

The Barologger is set above high water level in one location on site. One Barologger can be used to compensate all Leveloggers in a 20 mile (30 km) radius and/or with every 1000 ft. (300 m) change in elevation.

Levelogger® Junior Edge - Model 3001

For important projects with a tight budget, Levelogger Junior Edge provides a cost-effective solution for continuous water level and temperature measurement. It is simple to program with user-friendly software, and easy to deploy with Direct Read Cables or wireline/Kevlar cord and the Levelogger locking well cap.

LTC Levelogger® Edge - Model 3001

The LTC Levelogger Edge combines conductivity, pressure and temperature sensors in one compact device. It comes complete with a battery that lasts up to eight years and datalogger with memory for 27,000 sets of readings. The 4-electrode platinum conductivity sensor has autoranging from 50 to 80,000 µS for maximum accuracy.

Rainlogger Edge - Model 3002

The Rainlogger Edge is designed to record the tips of a standard tipping-bucket rain gauge. Compact and waterproof, this durable field unit offers long-term reliability with a battery that lasts up to 10 years. The event time stamp and total rainfall per time period is logged in non-volatile memory, which holds up to 60,000 readings.

LevelVent - Model 3250

The LevelVent is designed to provide instantly accurate water level data. Without the need for barometric compensation, the data is 2x more accurate than our Levelogger water level dataloggers.

AquaVent - Model 3500

The Solinst AquaVent is designed to be maintenance free, using hydrophobic filters and permanent factory installed desiccants, with convenient user replaceable wellhead batteries and custom designed durable vented cable.

Levelogger App Interface - Model 3001

The Levelogger App Interface uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to communicate to your iOS or Android™ smart device.

DataGrabber™ - Model 3001/3002

The DataGrabber™ is a simple portable device that copies data from Solinst dataloggers in the field, to a USB flash drive key, with one push of a button. The DataGrabber connects to the top of a Direct Read Cable, or to the Levelogger using an Adaptor.

Direct Read to Optical Adaptors - Model 3001/3002

The Levelogger Direct Read to Optical Adaptor is designed to be used in cases where a Direct Read Cable is not convenient or available. This allows it to be used for multiple communication or deployment purposes.

Well Caps - Model 3001

The New Model 3001 Levelogger Well Cap Assembly is designed to fit 2", or 4" wells with a Reducer, and provides options for installing Leveloggers water level dataloggers with wireline, cord, or Direct Read Cables. The Well Cap can suspend a Levelogger and Barologger in one well, and still provides an access hole for other monitoring equipment.

LevelSender - Model 9500

The NEW LevelSender is designed to connect to Direct Read Cables and Leveloggers, upgrading your current installation by adding cellular telemetry at an affordable price. The LevelSender is compact in design, and is simple to setup and maintain.

Telemetry System (STS) - Model 9100 STS Edge

STS Edge Telemetry Systems are designed for use with Solinst high quality dataloggers, including the Levelogger Series and AquaVent. The STS Edge sends water level, temperature, conductivity and rainfall data from the field to a Home Station PC.

Remote Radio Link (RRL) - Model 9200

The 9200 RRL Radio Telemetry System offers a very simple, inexpensive method of local telemetry. The wireless system is designed to log real-time data from the Levelogger Series of dataloggers.

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