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Polarimeter Compact VariPol Series

The VariPol takes the proven SuH technology to a new level combining it with new innovations and all advantages of the VariFamily.

Polarimeter Polartronic M Touch series

The fully automatic Allrounder amongst Polarimeter with continuous measurement Polarimeter of the M-Series are high resolution polarimeters

Polarimeter Saccharomat Touch series

Saccharomat – Worldwide unique quartz-wedge compensated sugar polarimeter The Saccharomat is a fully automatic working sugar polarimeter.

Polarimeter Polartronic H532

Spectral multi-wavelength polarimeter– High resolution of 0.0001° The high-resolution (0.0001°) polarimeter H532 with up to 5 wavelengths and the highest precision!

Polarimeter UniPol

Fully automatic digital polarimeter particularly designed for pharmaceutical and chemical applications. The entire measuring range of ± 360° is divided in several measuring ranges which can easy be selected by the menu.

Polarimeter Visual Circle

The Small Universal Polarimeter is a visual circle polarimeter suitable for school and education. The polarimeter has a circular scale of ±180° angular degrees divided into full degrees.

Refractometer VariRef

The new double isolated peltier systems allows fastest temperature control and reduces the influence of environment temperature, resulting in fast and precise measurements.

Refractometer VariControl

Combining over 150 years of experience with the endless strive for innovation Our motto: “Use it like a smart phone”. The new intuitive interface brings you in three clicks to all important functions. The capacitive touch display gives you the same touch and feel as your phone.

Refractometer ATR-F Touch

Laboratory refractometer with integrated Peltier-Thermostat. High-performance robust Refractometer for the determination of mixing ratios and quality, quantity control of solutions

Refractometer ATR-B Touch

High-performance robust Refractometer for the determination of mixing ratios and quality, quantity control of solutions. Highly accurate and reproducible measuring results in no time at all

Refractometer ATR-DC

Configuration and calibration are performed using a supplied basic-software. A special software for data transfer to PC, data storing and logging and export is available optionally as well as the powerful Universal Display as external control unit.

Refractometer ATR-P Touch

The critical angle refractometer ATR-P is especially designed for applications in the sugar industry. Complete system consists of the ATR-P measuring head and the “L-Controller” electronic unit.

Refractometer ATR-C

Basic model for standard applications. Economic model for standard applications. Robust and modern enclosure for rough environments. Quality and quantity control of liquids

Refractometer ATR-BR

Compact laboratory refractometer. The new ATR-BR is an critical angle refractometer for the measuring of liquid media from low to high viscosity, and independent of opacity and color.

Refractometer ATR-L

Digital multiple wavelength refractometer DSR-L The digital, fully automatic spectral refractometer ATR-L consists of an electronic unit separated from the stainless steel measuring unit. Dispersion measurement at 7 wavelengths over the full visible range.

Refractometer DHR 95

Digital handheld refractometer with 5-digit, full view LCD screen, which displays results in 2 seconds. Measurement of liquid media from low to high viscosity. Handy design, simple operation, reliable, automatic temperature compensated brix value within +5 to 70 °C.

Handheld Refractometer

Handheld refractometers are classic, visual refractometers and are used for the determination of the refractive index of liquid media of low or high viscosity. They are mainly used for quick on-the-spot-control of process streams and the field analysis in fruit and vegetable plantations.

ABBE Refractometer AR12

ABBE refractometer AR12 is a classical, visual refractometer, named after ist inventor Ernst Abbé and designed for the determination of the refractive index of liquid media with high or low viscosity. It is used in the fast control of liquids and the “in-field analysis“.

Colorimeter Saccharoflex 2020

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH electronic reflectance-meter for the automatic color grading of crystalline sugar according to the recommendations of ICUMSA, method GS2-11 (1994)and GS2-13 (1994).

Colorimeter Coloromat 100

Digital single beam photometer for the determination of liquid colour The Coloromat 100 allows easy measurement of transmission, extinction and ICUMSA liquid colour units at the recommended standard wavelength 420 nm.

Density Meter EDM 5000

Density meter EDM 5000. The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH EDM Density Meter is designed for continuous density measurement in a broad range of application. EDM is a rugged, sealed single-piece system with the flexibility to handle nearly any customer request for such instrumentation.

Density Meter EDM 4000+

Density meter EDM 4000+ Now with higher precision and reproducibility of 0.0001 g/cm³. The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH EDM Density Meter is designed for continuous density measurement in a broad range of application.

Autosampler Samplify P

The SAMPLIFY P autosampler is the newest product in the versatile portfolio of Schmidt + Haensch. It supports your daily workflow of liquid handling and is the perfect add-on for Schmidt + Haensch refractometers, density meters and photometers.

Sugar Lab Filtration Autofilt

AutoFilt filtration unit The newly developed filtration unit AutoFilt is a follow-up development of the manual, small filtration unit LabFilt.AutoFilt stainless steel filtration unit with automatic valve control for pressure inlet-depressurisation-cleaning for up to 250 ml sample volume.

Sugar Lab Filtration Autofilt Z Unleaded

The new fully automatic operation filtration unit AutoFilt Z unleaded is the continuous development of the well known semi-automatic “AutoFilt“. The basic product “AutoFilt“ is issued 10 years ago and had convinced many customers.

Universal Dosage System AutoDosage

The Schmidt + Haensch dosage system AutoDosage automates the routine preparation of solutions, making this work that otherwise affords high skills, great care and long time significantly easier, faster and avoiding errors.

Purity Analyser for Sugar Industry

The new purity analyser system of SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is a follow-up development of the previously existing Purity Analyser. It combines all advantages of the integrated new polarimeter and refractometer.

Turbidity Analyser for Crystal Sugar Ash Color

New sugar colorimeter and conductometric ash determination can also be upgraded by including pH measurement, balances, barcode scanners and all necessary instruments for measuring the most important values in the sugar industry and can achieve customer tailored systems with a different degree of automation.

On-line Ca++ Analysator

The PC controlled system enables the analysis of up to 5 different products in a defined operated sequence, depending on the factory. The automatic on-line Ca++ analyser system measures and calculates the Ca++ contents of thin juices by means of a complexiometric titration. The active decalcification column will trigger the analyser via the customer’s data monitoring system.

On-line Purity Analyser

The automatic purity analyser is the first system worldwide capable of online measurements of sugar factory juices. Samples out of continuous sugar production will be taken via pipelines into the analyser and beeing measured in a 10 minutes cycle. Fully automatic and completely.

On-line Titration System

A fast and accurate analysis of important process parameters is decisive to guarantee optimal process performance. The on-line process analysis enables continuous process control in order to be able to react fast to control or regulate the process in contrast to the time shifted and complicated laboratory determinations.

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