Osmometer 800CLG


The Osmometer 800CLG is an automated freezing-point analyser for measuring the osmolality of aqueous solutions such as blood, serum, urine, sweat or infusion solutions and beverages. Only 100 μl sample volume are re-uired.The difference of the freezing point of the sample to the freezing point of distilled water correlates with the osmolality of the sample.
On the large LCD display the freezing curve and the measuring results are shown.The 1-point calibration with aqua dest. and the microprocessor controlled function and error identification contribute to saving working time in long tests series with excellent results.

The instrument is easy to be used. After being placed into the measuring vessel the sample of biological fluid is pushed onto the thermistor. By pressing down the measuring head the fluid sample is introduced into the cooling chamber. Using the Peltier effect the sample is cooled down below the freezing point. Now the stirrer is activated,and crystallisation of the sample follows. In the same time the temperature of the sample rises. The temperature will be now measured electronically and displayed in mOsm/kg.

  • 1-point-calibration with aqua dest.
  • automatic funktion control
  • service panel for error identification and hardware check
  • graphic display of the temperature change during measuring
  • easy sample handling in 1.5ml test tubes
  • bench space saving design
  • air cooled Peltier elements
  • data / printer port: RS 232
Specification :