Chloridmeter 20CL, 50CL, 200CL


For the fast and easy determination of the concentration of chloride ions in micro specimens 3 models of Chloridmeters are available.

Chloridmeter 20CL requires sample volumes of 20 μl only and is designed for the application in medical or biological laboratories for tests in serum, urine or other body fluids.

Chloridmeter 50CL is recommended for food & beverage or pharmaceutical laboratories and requires 50 μl sample volume.

Chloridmeter 200CL has a very wide measuring range, calculated in mg/l. It is suitable for the application in industrial and environmental laboratories


Automatic measuring process

The measuring method is based on the principle of coulometric impulse titration by the use of a silver - electrode pairing; the final point of titration is shown in an independent circuit of the silver - electrode pair. Measurment automatically follows, after a specimen of the working solution has been introduced. When 20 sec. have elapsed, the analysis result can
 be read on the display unit. After 50 analysis procedures have been conducted, the necessary exchange of the basic solution is indicated.

Easy calibration
By the use of micro processing control, no corrections on the part of the mechanism are required for the conducted calibration.

Specification :