Gel Documentation System

E.A.S.Y® Doc plus

Product Description
  • Gel documentation, densitometry and analysis with GLP conformity
  • The Herolab gel documentation system E.A.S.Y® Doc plus - complete with a new Scientific Grade CCD-camera - and its analysis software E.A.S.Y® Win are synonymous with its high quality and user-friendly design. The growth in the number of systems in use worldwide and the exceptional average life cycle are proof as to the quality of this system.
  • The use of a highly sensitive camera, a light-sensitive zoom-lens and a special set of filters allows the detection of smallest sample amounts. The modular concept allows for easy handling and use. The system components can easily be configured for a wide range of imaging applications.
  • The Herolab system can be connected to most computer systems. It is also possible to use any of the components to provide an individual solution if required.

HeroDoc Plus

Product Description

Gel Documentation System with High Flexibility

  • HeroDoc plus is a compact gel documentation system: L 43 x D 65 x H 45 cm.
  • It give you the flexibility you need in your lab. Several illumination modes enable the user to work with a  lot of dyes. The filter of the camera can be exchanged in a second.
  • The system comes together with our software E.A.S.Y Win which allows you to do molecular weight determinations or volume analysis. More application modules are available on request.

MiniDoc – MidiDoc

Product Description

Basic Gel Documentation Systems

The MiniDoc and MidiDoc systems are very compact solutions for gel imaging and are the outcome of Herolab’s long experience in the gel documentation market. Completely new to these systems is the Herolab scientific grade 12 bit CCD camera type B-1393-3U7N which has 1.4m pixels. It can operate using 2 x 2 and 4 x 4 binning functions which results in 4-times or 16-times higher sensitivity.
The two systems in comparison:
  • MiniDoc
RH-1 Darkroom hood with Herolab scientific grade CCD camera / Fixed lens
With darkroom floor but without UVT-22-ME
E.A.S.Y® Win32-software Module A plus
cat.-No.: 28 08 000
  • MidiDoc
RH-2 Darkroom hood with Herolab scientific grade CCD camera
Optional: moveable camera bracket as shown above Zoom lens
Without darkroom floor (and without UVT-20-ME)
E.A.S.Y® Win32-software Module A plus

Spot Hunter

Product Description

Robotic System with integrated fluorescence detection unit

for automatic extraction of selected protein spots after 2-D electrophoresis
The Spot Hunter is the new generation of proteomic workstations offering utmost flexibility, accurateness and reliability on minimal footprint.

New specifications:

Two versions are available:

Standard Type:
  • gel size up to 300 x 240 mm
  • picking area: 285 x 205 mm
  • for one microplate

High Throughput Type:
  • gel size up to 330 x 280 mm
  • picking area: 300 x 250 mm
  • for four microplates
The combination of the three essential steps of proteomic analysis – image capture, selection and extraction – in one housing provides a faster and more efficient work.

The image is captured from 2D gels stained with all common methods like Coomassie Blue, Silver Stain or fluorescent dyes like SYPRO® Ruby with a Scientific Grade CCD-camera. Both Types are equipped with a RGB-LED Picking plate for Red, Green, Blue and White light illumination. There is a five-position filter wheel to put various emission filters according to your dyes.
The easy4science software detects interesting protein spots, creates a target list and transfers it to the picking unit. The software enables an exact backtracking of the spot. The documentation is GLP conform.

The selected spots will be automatically extracted in a secured housing and then transported into one – or
with the High Throughput Type into four – standard microplates (96 or 384 wells).

For 96 picks the Spot Hunter needs no longer than 20 minutes.


Product Description

ChemoLum 8300 Multi-Imaging-System

The Imaging System ChemoLum 8300 is a system which can be individually adapted with different modules of illumination according to the needs and wishes of the customer. It is possible to do chemiluminescence as well as multiplex fluorescence detection.
An overview of the different illumination modules can be seen in the brochure.

ChemoLum 8300 is especially designed for detection of weak signals.