Slide Stainer

ASS 190 - Slide Stainer

The model tissue processor is an apparatus used for routine staining of animal , plant and human body tissue . It can be widely used in such institutions as hospital , scientific research institutes , universities and judicial departments fir clinical pathologic analysis and research on animal and plant cells .

Description :

1. Microcomputer technology advanced intelligent control system .
2. Two slide racks with two protocols run simultaneously that improve working efficiency greatly .
3. Besides the stainer function , the programmable feature make the equipment ideal for different processing and lab tests . The system can control the rack to start or end at any station desired .It is capable of up to 25 steps for each program .
4. The system can store 4 groups ( 8 different) programs which better meet various slide staining requirements . It also has wash function .
5. With security protection function , the equipment can not be damaged by any abnormal condition or incorrect operation .
6. It has automatic position search function which can control the basket to move to the set position whatever it stays at any position .
7. Alarm function : monitors being carried out to prevent any incorrect operation in time .
8. Secondary running function: If machine meet any break off during automatic running or the slide staining effect is not perfect, user could restart from any step as willing.
9. It applies high-performance stepping motor systems to ensure running stability and positioning accurately with low noise .
10. The streamlined exterior shape makes it easier to clean .
11. Environmental protection: Adsorb the volatile gas with active carbon that can prevent toxic gases from entering the laboratory environment .
12. LCD: with user-friendly keyboard to program and display all information concerning staining .
13. Protection function: it can prevent damage to tissue samples caused by basket movement be physically blocked while in operation
14. The in-out water pipe allow to wash the tissue at anytime .


Quantity of slide racks : 2
Throughout capacity : 96 slides at a time ( 48 slides on each slide rack)
Number of tank : 19
Volume of container: 800ml for each tank , the first and second tank comprise the washing station with circulated water
Retention time in each tank : 1 seconds~99minutes 59 seconds , can be set as desired
The two baskets agitates every 15 seconds in turns . ( The agitation time can be selected from 5 seconds to 30 seconds )
Voltage/Frequency : 220V 10% ,50HZ / 110V 10% ,60HZ
Power : 120 W
Dimensions ( WDH) : 1200430590 mm
Weight : About 70 KG