Laboratory automation

Samplify P Autosampler

  • Automatic cleaning and rinsing cycles
  • Customized sample handling
  • Easy coupling to Schmidt+Haensch devices
  • Wireless communication to laptops/tablet
  • Handling of sensitive samples
Let yourself be inspired by the possibilities of lab automation!

The SAMPLIFY P autosampler is the newest product in the versatile portfolio of Schmidt + Haensch. It supports your daily workflow of liquid handling and is the perfect add-on for Schmidt + Haensch refractometers, density meters and photometers. It offers large felxibility, is easy to operate and economical.

Some of its key features are:
  • Wireless communication to laptops or tablet
  • Automatic cleaning and rinsing cycles
  • Freely programmable
  • Designed for automatic filling of Schmidt + Haensch instruments
  • Immediate feedback of measurement values and dat storage
  • Particularly developed for pipetting and dosing small volumes
  • Setting up a method is accomplished via an Excel© file, which in the end also contains measurements results
  • Parameters like sample volume or number and amount of cleaning solutions adjustable to your application
  • Configurable settings depending on sample viscosities
  • Four customizable sample trays: high volumina and a large number of samples
  • Offers adjustbale piping system and different cappillaries
  • The powerful z–axis allows puncturing protective septa, ensuring highest sample purities and long-term sample stability
  • High sample throughput
  • Different solvents applicable for cleaning processes
  • Adjustable cleaning regime, integrated membrane pump for drying the complete fluidic systems

Universal dosage system AutoDosage

  • Automatic, fast and reliable
  • Up to 4 different liquids
  • Gravimetric or volumetric dosage
  • 70 user programs storable
  • Timesaving, error free sample preparation
Universal dosage system AutoDosage

The Schmidt + Haensch dosage system AutoDosage automates the routine preparation of solutions, making this work that otherwise affords high skills, great care and long time significantly easier, faster and avoiding errors.

New signal light is indicating the workflow: dosing is in progress (RED light) and dosing is finished (GREEN light).
  • Automation of dosage and dilution in laboratories
  • Precise and fast preparation of solutions
  • Dosage and solutions with 3 or 4 different liquids
  • Gravimetric (in g) or volumetric (in ml) dosage possible
  • Max. 70 different dosage or dilution programs can be set and stored


  • Fast pressure filtration for the sugar lab
  • Environment-friendly measuring technique
  • Lead-free sample preparation
  • Easy handling
  • Residue-free filtration

The newly developed filtration unit AutoFilt is a follow-up development of the manual, small filtration unit LabFilt.

The filtration units are a necessary and useful addition to our NIR polarimeters, since they are making the use of environmental hazardous clarification chemicals for highly colored samples with a large amount of solids needless and shorten the filtration time drastically.

AutoFilt stainless steel filtration unit with automatic valve control for pressure inlet-depressurisation-cleaning for up to 250 ml sample volume.
Complete with sealing, filter support inside the outlet funnel and 100 filter pads.

AutoFilt Z unleaded

  • Automatic pressure filtration for the sugar lab
  • Automatically adjusted to sample characteristics
  • Constant filtrate volume
  • Environment-friendly measuring technique
  • Lead-free sample preparation
AutoFilt Z unleaded

The new fully automatic operation filtration unit AutoFilt Z unleaded is the continuous development of the well known semi-automatic “AutoFilt“. The basic product “AutoFilt“ is issued 10 years ago and had convinced many customers.

Filtration units are a necessary and useful complement to the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH NIR polarimeters, since they help to avoid environmentally hazardous clarification chemicals for highly colored samples with a large amount of solids and shorten filtration times drastically.

  • Easy handling
  • Processor based system for discarding pre- and postfiltrate
  • High quality filtrates independent from sample viscosity and turbidity
  • Constant sample volume by conductivity sensors
  • Detection and reporting (by LED) of error conditions
  • Filter aid recommendable

Ash color turbidity analyser

  • Automated quality control of crystal sugar
  • Only one minute lead time
  • Analysis cycle takes 20 min including
  • Automatic cleaning of the system
  • Release of laboratory personnel
Ash color turbidity analyser

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH has developed modular, computer aided automated laboratory systems, based on their conventional optoelectronic measuring instruments, which include not only polarimeters and refractometers but also a new sugar colorimeter and conductometric ash determination. They can also be upgraded by including pH measurement, balances, barcode scanners and all necessary instruments for measuring the most important values in the sugar industry and can achieve customer tailored systems with a different degree of automation. The measuring data can be collected by a data acquisition software package, processed, stored in a data bank and transmitted to a LIMS system.

A recent example is a new combined automatic determination of conductometric ash and colour (ICUMSA) for the sugar industry. The laboratory personnel only gives in the sample of crystalline sugar no further preparation is necessary – and the sample number with a barcode scanner. The system makes automatically a solution of defined concentration (50 Brix), filtrates it and transports the sample using a peristaltic pump via flexible tubing to the COLOROMAT, where the colour measurement at 420 nm according to ICUMSA is performed. Then, the system dilutes the solution to 28 Brix and determines the conductometric ash. Both determinations are performed continuously. Finally, the whole system is rinsed with water and is ready for the measurement of the next sample; the complete measuring sequence takes 20 minutes. The measuring values are transmitted to a PC that also controls the whole system, calculates the required results and transmits all data to a LIMS system.

The system is easy to use, delivers reliable results and saves valuable time that the laboratory personnel can use for other, non-routine work. It is specially designed for sugar laboratories with high sample throughput.