Laboratory Polarizing Microscopes


Laboratory polarizing Microscopes

Polarized light microscopy provides all the benefits of brightfield microscopy and yet offers a wealth of information, which is simply not available with any other optical microscopy technique, such as refractive indices, birefringence, retardation, extinction angle,  pleochroism.

Polarized light microscopy is best known for its geological applications – primarily for the study of minerals in rock thin sections, but it can also be used to study many other materials.
OPTIKA polarizing microscopes offer a complete system for your laboratory analysis, including polarizer and analyzer filters, Bertrand lens for conoscopic observation, compensator plates, and high-precision rotatable stages.

Also available the X-LED illumination system, an high-intensity light source which  delivers bright and clear images.

The extraordinary characteristics of this series are now accessible to all laboratories, meeting the needs of those who are loo¬king for a prime quality instrument.


1) B-1000POL

Transmitted polarizing research microscope

2) B-1000POL-I
Transmitted and incident polarizing research microscope

3) B-383POL
Trinocular microscope, polarizing, IOS objectives.

4) B-500POL

Polarizing laboratory microscope, X-LED illumination

5) B-500POL-I
Polarizing laboratory microscope, X-LED incident & transmitted illumination