Dissolution Systems USP III & VII ( Automatic)

Automated DISSO III-7 Sampling System


  • USP 3 and USP 7 on one unit
  • Switch USP 3 and USP 7 by one button
  • Syringe Pump sampling
  • No Evaporation Top Covers
  • PASSWORD protection
  • Large color touch screen display

The Disso III-7 is equipped with adjustable stroke length control; the users can set the program to run either as USP 3 or USP 7. Some of the USP 7 methods are tested in 50 ml test tubes; the user can order additional 8 or 12 position sample holders/hangers and 8 or 12 position tube holders to run 8 or 12 samples in each row. By exchanging the Dip Rack and Tube Carriers, the USP 3 and USP 7 tests can be switched easily.

In operation, the solid dosage samples (pellets, tablets, etc) are placed in the inner tubes (for USP 3) or sample holders (for USP 7), after the samples are loaded into the sample holder, the shaft assembly automatically lines up with the glass tubes directly below and contains media. The water bath temperature is controlled to a target set point +/- 0.1°C throughout the bath, and the media is preheated in sealed outer tubes. The seal covers automatically open when the dissolution is started; the dip speed, stroke length, dip time, hold time, drain time, and temperature are controlled by the unit’s microprocessor.

The Disso III-7 performance exceeds the requirements of USP specification. The NO-EVAPO cover design seals all outer tubes to limit the evaporation and ensures that all tablets are dissolved at the proper dip speed and same temperature. Each Disso III-7 is supplied with a serial RS-485 communication port; options include a sampling manifold. The Disso III-7 can be automated by adding Logan DSC-3700 System Controller/Logan SYP-8L-10ml Syringe Pump and Logan SCR-DL Sampler Collector. Fiber Optic UV Dissolution monitoring systems are also available on the Disso III-7 System; please contact Logan Instruments for more information.

Specification :