Dissolution Systems USP III & VII (Manual)

LOGAN DISSO III-7 Release Rate Tester

  • USP 3 and USP 7 on one unit
  • Switch USP 3 and USP 7 by one button
  • Removable sample rack for non stopping tests
  • No Evaporation Top Covers
  • PASSWORD protection
  • Large color touch screen display
The DISSO III-7 Release Rate Tester is Logan Instrument Corporation’s newest apparatus for USP Methods 3 & 7 dissolution testing. This easy-to-operate (8-tubes per row x 6 rows) dissolution tester utilizes the most modern technology and is designed to operate trouble - free and continuously. Two additional tubes in each row facilitate the running of a blank and standard concurrently with the samples. The built-in heater-circulator is designed to save bench space and is directly controlled by the DISSO III-7.

The DISSO III-7 is equipped with adjustable stroke length control; the users are able to set to the program to run either as USP 3 or USP 7. Some of the USP 7 methods are tested in the 50 ml test tubes; the user can order the additional 12 position sample holders/hangers and 12 position tube holders to run 12 samples in each row. By exchanging the DIP RACK and TUBE CARRIERS, the USP 3 and USP 7 tests can be switched easily.

The DISSO III-7 performance exceeds the requirements of USP specification. The NO - EVAPO cover design seals all outer tubes to limit the evaporation and ensure all tablets are dissolved at the proper dip speed and same temperature. Each DISSO III-7 is supplied with a serial RS-232 communication port; options include the sampling manifold. The DISSO III - 7 can be automated by adding Logan DSC-37 System Controller/ Logan SYP-8L Syringe Pump and Logan SCR-160 Sampler Collector. Pease contact Logan Instruments for more information.
  • Large easy to read LCD display for Speed, Temperature and Time
  • Self-centering vessel design and self-calibrating speed and temperature control system
  • Electronic sampling height adjustment for paddle or basket at different media volumes
  • 12-Spindle with additional 2-positions for blank and standard configuration
  • Password protection control

Specification :