Vibration Measuring System

SmartVibro (VM-4424S/H, VM-3024H, VM-7024H)

Accurate and easy operation

Low-price and high-functionally. Light and compact size.
Simultaneous measurement of acceleration, velocity and displacement.


* Low price and high efficiency
Low Prce and High-Functional

* Simultaneous measurement of acceleration, velocity and displacement.
Just press one key and start measuring quickly, so it can reduce operation time and prevent miss-measurements.

* Measurement of PEAK, RMS and EQP

Easy to switching mode on screen according to the measurement scene. For example, you can select “peak” for peak to peak value of shock waveform, “rms” for condition of rotation machine.

* FFT analysis*
For further investigation of cause of vibration, SmartVibro is possible to perform frequency analysis by the minimum condition setting.
*VM-4424S doesn’t include this function.

* SD card data saving*

Waveform data is saved into SD card as CSV format
*VM-4424S doesn’t include this function.


* Simultaneous Measurement

There are many functions to express characteristics of vibration, so vibrometers usually needed to switch the mode every time to measure by each factor. However, if you only press a button, you can measure acceleration, velocity and displacement simultaneously by using SmartVibro function, simultaneous measurement. It can reduce the operating time and prevent miss-measurements. By switching the screen, VM-4424S and VM4424H can confirm acceleration envelope for bearing condition to find small scars easily.

* FFT analysis function

*VM-4424S doesn't include this function

SmartVibro is possible to perform frequency analysis by the minimum condition setting.
*See the specifications

* What is FFT analysis?
FFT analysis is to extract frequency components from vibration waveform. By comparing frequency distribution, the cause investigation becomes possible

* Liquid crystal touch panel
Easy operation for setting and selecting measurement value on the display with touch panel. Moreover, SmartVibro has many functions which helps to be used in various scenes, such as a display-backlight for using in dark place, contrast control, and zoom function of measurement value.

* Waveform data is saved into SD card

*VM-4424S doesn't include this function

Waveform data is saved into SD card as CSV format (Maximum 50 seconds*)
*In case of VM-7024H
See the specifications for maximum memory storage time.

[SD card]
Memory capacity is 2GB. About 1000 files can be saved (1 file data for 5 seconds).

* Three kinds of language is selectable

Japanese, English and Chinese

Vibration Level Meter
(for Vibration Pollution)

Awarded Model Approval as a “VIBRATION LEVEL METER” according Japanese Industrial Standard JIS C 1510-1995 by Measurement Act ( Model Approval NO. W033)

Most suitable to vibration measurements of Construction Work Vibration, Road Traffic Vibration to follow the Vibration Regulation Act or to solve the Environmental Problems

Measurements are displayed on the large LCD Display with a back light as the digital numbers or bar graphs.

Data processing or management is easy using Data Management Software (Option).

Using an exclusive Tripod, the displayed Vibration Level gets easier to be seen.


CardVibro Air2 (VM-2012/VM-2012C)

A standard model of New Era emerged changing the common sense of vibrometer.
  • Operation with Android tablet PC
  • Reliable Wireless Data Collection (WiFi)
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Low Power Consumption

* Operation with Android Tablet PC
Measureable in Android OS

* Reliable Wireless Data Collection (WiFi)

High speed signal communication with WiFi

* Compact and Lightweight
Compact and lightweight

* Low Power Consumption
Continuous 6 hour operation with 2 AAA batteries