Column Filtration System

Column Filtration System (CFS)

Simulate the process of a direct-filtration water treatment plant. The device is an accessory piece of equipment for the traditional Phipps & Bird JarTest Stirrer with Square B-KER2s (not included)

After water samples are agitated through the flash and flocculation stages, the samples are allowed to gravity drain through filter columns producing a simulated "clean" water test sample.  A water line from the plant's service line can be connected to the device to backwash the filter columns when loading the granular media or when cleaning the media after a test procedure.

The device consists of a number (4 or 6) of filter columns (2" ID clear PVC) and sets of valves to control the flow of water samples from the sample B-KER2s and service water during the backwash process. All components are mounted on a portable rack with casters. The CFS mounted on the portable rack can be used in the lab or moved to a more convenient location within the treatment plant.

Dimensions:  Height: 60"
                     Base Width:  4-Place: 34"
                                           6-Place: 46"
                     Depth: 30"

Casters: Swivel (front w/Brake), 3" x 1" Black Rubber  Wheels

Frame: CRS and "Galvaneal" Steel, Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Fastener Hardware

Valves: 3-way Brass

Tubing: 3/8" OD x 1" ID" Copper and Flexible Vinyl

Filter Columns: 2" Clear PVC

Catalog # Four Place: 7780-100
                 Six Place: 7780-200