Lux Meter

LX 50

Integrated probe, hold function, automatic shut-off. IP54 ABS housing.
Measuring range
  • 0 to 10 000 lux
  • 0 to 929 fc
Supplied with fitting certificate and transport case.

LX 200

LX 200 luxmeter hand-held luxmeter, self-contained and automatic is specially designed to illuminance measurement.

Measuring range: from 0.1 to 200,000 lux.

With its memory, it allows storage of measurement cessions for processing on a computer thanks to the LLX200 software.

Technical data
  • Instantaneous illuminance: displaying of instantaneous / maximum / minimum values
  • Relative illuminance: allows a relative measurement to a reference point to quantify a light input or illuminance decrease
  • Cartography of illuminance - spatial representation: coloured representation according to levels obtained for printing report
  • Uniformity: calculation of the min / ave ratio for determination of illuminance uniformity at workstation according standards
LX 200 instrument is calibrated on a specific optical bench. It comes with its calibration certificate. Our standard reference instruments are duly linked to COFRAC.

LX 100

For workstations, offices, sport installations, parking, commercial centers… Dedicated to control and monitoring illuminance.

Measuring range : from 0,1 to 150 000 lux (from 0,01 to 13940 fc).

Supplied with calibration certificate.

Technical data
  • Display illuminance for local measurements
  • With timed measurement : min., max. and average values
  • Pause function to eliminate any unrepresentative illuminance and display for local measurements
  • Relative measurement to a reference point for the quantification of a luminous contribution or an illuminance decrease.
  • Sensing element in silicon photodiode (spectral responsivity in accordance with photopic curve CIE).