Ion Chromatography

IonQuest Ion Chromatography

Superb Performance

The established Ion Chromatography systems from Cecil Instruments IonQuest are top performance modular systems.

Each system contains a conductivity detector.  The conductivity cell of the conductivity detector,  is enclosed with a heat exchanger in a precisely thermostatted enclosure. The temperature of the enclosure is controlled to better than 0.01C. The working temperature may be set by the analyst to be between 25C and 50C and set with a default value of 35C during production testing.

IonQuest Modular Flexibility, Precision Temperature Control and a Conductivity Detector which may be used with third party systems.

The systems are easy to use by control panel operation, or by use of the sophisticated 21 CFR part 11 compliance Cecil PowerStream software, for instrument control, data acquisition, processing and reporting.

The modularity of each system enables its configuration to be modified with ease, for instance for use with electrochemical or UV/Visible detectors. Modules may readily be replaced, to reduce down-time, should the need arise.

Consequently, reliable, modular, versatile, effortless and sensitive IonQuest Ion Chromatography, with autosampler automation options, has numerous laboratory applications.  Just a few instances include:-
Detection of arsenic forms, in seafood and in rice.
Monitoring to ultra low ppb levels of ions such as fluoride, acetate, formate, chloride, phosphate, sulphate, bromide, nitrite, nitrate, sulphite, and iodide in high purity boiler water feeds and steam condensates.
  • Checks on ions within the diesel, semiconductor, electroplating, mining, fracking and effluent industries.
  • Measurements of many ions, such as chloride, bromide, bromate, fluoride, phosphates, sulphates, nitrates, ammonia, sodium, lithium, magnesium, potassium and calcium in potable waters and soils.
  • Certification of cations in cough formulations and other pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and foods and beverages.
  • Other industrial applications include the analyses of monoethanolamine for the Claus Process; inorganic azides in vehicle air bag productions and in cosmetic preparations, and sulphate in cement productions etc..
One single system will accommodate current and future requirements.  There are no limits on the choice of eluents and columns.

Customisation of IonQuest systems will allow for pre and/or post column derivatisation, microplate autosampling, high throughput analyses and the use of other detectors such as UV/Visible and electrochemical.

Installation, operation and maintenance are easy.

The extremely low drift and ultra low noise conductivity detector, may be purchased separately, for use with third party chromatography systems.

Pulse Free Pump
Mobile phase pumping is provided by a dual piston, digitally controlled, pump . Electronic feedback control virtually eliminates pulsing without using mechanical damping.

Close coupled Column Heater/Chiller
The very precisely temperature controlled heater/chiller accommodates Anion and Cation columns and precolumns, as well as a background suppressor cartridge with its over pressure protection valve. Close coupling to the detector provides high stability, low noise and low dispersion.

Leakage Notification

A specially designed leak detection system is accommodated within the cell oven enclosure. The detection system may be used to shutdown the system if a leak is detected in the enclosure.